3 Jan

Christmas Cheers!!

Vinovians are full of innovation & we prove it every time by participating into festivities with great pleasure and happiness. Christmas is the time for sharing, loving and enjoying with near and dear ones. And, Vinove as a family stood ahead with great enthusiasm to celebrate this festival with greetings & wishes for each other.
Basking in the mood of Christmas, Team HR event organizers of all times, took the initiative to get the entire premises decorated and lit it up 3-4 days before the event. Time and again, the reception area was festooned with a Christmas Tree bejeweled with lights, crystal balls, stars, Santa, balloons and many other decorations. Arrangements to celebrate the big day had started to take shape and we were all gearing up for the Christmas cheer.

29 Nov

Uniting at the Festival of Lights

Vinovians, continuing with their legacy of celebrating festivals, added yet another feather in their cap. Backed by an initiative, taken by our HR department, we all got to witness a sparkling and an energy bustling Diwali Event at our Office. Celebrations have their own mood and Vinovians know how to capture such moments and turn them into memories.

Gearing up:

Start-up to make this festivity a memorable one required proper chalked out execution of a two-day plan. The first day marked a “Rangoli Making”competition depecting the themes of their respective teams in the cafeteria. The second day was meant for mingling together and vouching for a “Tadka”competition where, Vinovians were asked to dress the best, traditionally. The best dressed female contestant, “Miss Tadka” and the best dressed “Mr. Tadka” would be handed over gifts galore. The basic motto of this celebration was to celebrate togetherness which Vinove is known for.

9 Feb

New Year Celebration at Vinove

When a reason for celebration comes, can Vinovians be kept away from rejoicing? And so the occasion, rather the excuse for celebration came wrapped up the in the form of afresh, anew and promising New Year, 2012.  The Party Organizers – Western Yodhas concentrated all their efforts in throwing the most memorable New Year bash for Vinove family and they were successful in meeting everyone’s anxiety.

13 Oct

7th Foundation Day Celebration @ Vinove

“The more you praise and celebrate in your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” and thus all the Vinovians fervently gathered together to celebrate the 7th year completion of Vinove on 10th September’ 11 at Pacific Asia Banquet. Like the previous year, all our houses “Uttak Ke Puttar, Eastern Tigers, Southern Surmas & Western Yodhas” took the charge of hosting and managing the event & left everyone mesmerized with their thoughtful planning and execution of the event.

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2 Mar

Vinove Sports League 2011: Inter House Sports Meet

Like the arrival of spring season which signifies the warmness of atmosphere has started and  enlightened all the living beings in earth to bloom out with joyous spirit again. Similarly, Vinove has  also arrived its realm to organize sports league which brings warmness and togetherness of employee’s spirits. As sports is a remarkable obsession of mankind since immemorial time, sports event is  no doubt, not only a great entertainment source for the entire community but solely brings a much needed break from the daily busy schedules. Its an event of joy to show the colors, zeal and how supportive each and everyone is towards such  a lively organization.

Last year, Vinove organized a sports event which was a phenomenal success, extremely promising and was encouraging for all of our employees who actively participated in the “Vinove Sports League 2010”.

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12 Oct


A tagline is a combination of few words which expresses your aspiration as well as your dedication towards your business. Now Vinove has emerged with its new tagline which briefly explains the motive behind running this organization. Yes the letters in bold above simply comprises of three words, but the idea behind these three words are far more than it. “We Mean IT” not only shows the level of devotion which its employees provide for it, but it also represents the amount of hardwork and the kind of bonding which we have regarding our organization. With a sole objective to provide a “value” to our clients, Vinove has emerged as an indefatigable organization and there is still a long way to go.

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9 Mar

Our CSR Program Reaches a Level Higher

As promised, in our earlier post we are going to tell you about our next activity we carried out recently as a part of our CSR Program. This time we have made donation in a government- aided school located in Old Delhi, which has taken the initiative of educating girl children. We found that the school is struggling financially where the students, belonging to poor families, are in dire need of supplies from others. For their basic necessities such as uniform, shoes, books, stationary and even meals, they have to be dependent on donations and funding from others. Needless to say that school teachers as well as other staff members contribute a lot and do their best to help these little children.

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3 Mar

Vinove Sports League 2010: Inter Corporate Cricket & Relay Race Tournaments

When we think about sports and games in a life where we are busy with long working hours, we probably think about college students or school kids fighting out on their favourite sports. This is the time when merely the thought of Sports excites everyone of us. So we actualized this thought by organising ‘Vinove Sports League’ that continued for over a month. The main attractions of ultimate Vinove Sports League were Cricket tournaments and Relay Race competition along with Badminton, Football and various other games.

This was an initiative taken up by Vinove to ensure that people working in the company do not only bind themselves to work but also get a chance to relive other dimensions of their lives. Through these interactive sports activities and team building events, they got a chance to reiterate their childhood days in fun filled environment inside and out, which is required by them to work with more enthusiasm along with fun.

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