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SMO: Social Media Optimization

A term being frequently tossed around in the contemporary Internet marketing circles is SMO or Social Media Optimization. As evident from the full form, SMO has everything to do with social media such as blogs, wikis, vlogs, forums and the likes. The term SMO involves consistent and enduring implementation of all necessary changes in a website that may optimize it to render it more easily linkable and more vastly noticeable in the online social media. The essence of SMO is…

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Google testing new Analytics interface

I was taken aback at seeing a completely new interface for Google Analytics upon logging in today. I was automatically logged out after a few minutes but what I saw surely looked impressive. When kicked out, Analytics also mentioned "5M pageview cap per month for non AdWords advertiser" on the sign up page! Not sure if it existed previously but all the efforts from Google now seem like concentrating on Adwords/Adsense! As they say, there's no "Free Lunch" in this…

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SEO Semantic XHTML

We have recently started upgrading the code for our company's website from XHTML 1.0 Strict to SEO Semantic XHTML 1.0 Strict. The new code would help in the following ways: Reduce the file foot print making the pages lighter and further reducing the load times. Assist search engines in comprehending the right hierarchy in which the content is to be inferred. Reduce the ever-increasing server load and bandwidth consumption. Possibly, improve the search engine rankings. Those who might be interested…

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Outsourcing for Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Outsourcing has taken the world economy by storm. Many a companies worldwide have gained enormously from it and gradually but surely, outsourcing from an option is becoming a mandate to remain competitive. As we move down the food-chain, numerous small-medium companies still struggle to find the right outsourcing partner. Even if an outsourcing partner is identified, the relation is not successful due to various reasons. The primary reason for the failure is the mindset - outsourcing is almost always taken…

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Google TBPR Finally Updated

Google toolbar page rank update which was expected to happen by the end of April, finally seems to be eventuated. We were observing real time¬†inconsistency in our toolbar page rank (Sometimes it went to 5 and sometimes to 0). Finally the chase has been in our favour and google has assiged a page rank of 4 to Vinove's website¬†( an accession of 2 points). The April, 2007 page rank update has happened to be negative for many website owners…

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Building links with the right mindset

As of today, most of the link building efforts are geared towards enhancing the Google Page Rank to further improve the search engine rankings. This may not be a wise approach considering the rapid changes in the world of search engines. While acquiring links, it might be a good idea to consider the following: * Traffic on the website that you wish to get a link from (both quality and quantity). * How many links are already placed on the…

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Future of SEO/Internet Marketing

Search engines seem to be either testing or moving towards a social search paradigm. Some of the examples include: Also, Yahoo is testing its social search engine: With numerous businesses relying on search engine rankings primarily, if not exclusively, an important question to ask is: What would be the future of Internet Marketing/SEO? Some of the rather instant thoughts that come to mind are: * Internet Marketing would further move towards a paid model with in-organic results…

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What a turn around!

We are looking at hiring trainee web developers and marketeers for our company. We started advertising for the position Thursday last week and conducted a round of walk-ins last Sunday (10:00 am - 3:00 pm). Thinking that the interviews will begin at 10:00 am, I planned to reach the office just in time. Noticing a missed call from our HR with a time stamp of 9:30 am, I returned the call and was told that we had over 50 candidates…

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Not again!

Not again!!! One of our websites was yet again copied over by a competitor. This is the fourth time in the past 6 months when we called up the "company" who had copied our website and yelled to get the plagiarized content removed! The more I think of it, the more painful it gets! It is not an easy task to get a website up and running in a good state and I am sure most of you realize it…

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