5 May

Picnic: A fun Event @ Vinove

After the “Vinove sports league 2011” hosted by Vinove on 12 February 2011, Western Yodhas took over the charge for holding fun events in Vinove for the next couple of months. So, the first event was Holi celebration. It was a small get together held in company premises but after a couple of weeks Western Yodhas announced yet another fun event i.e. Picnic. But how come picnic in summer? Well, that was the perfect time to beat the heat this summer, so the picnic spot decided was Fun ‘N’ Food village ( Amusement+Water Park).

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29 Jul

Rock & Roll @ Toast

“Can’t hardly wait…
to raise the toast with taste.
Dancing to the tune,
would be the Vinovians’ cocoon.”

The first two weeks after the announcement for the Fun Event were the most difficult days. Undoubtedly, they were filled with excitement to dance and drink hard. Western Yodhas had announced a Dance Party on the July 24th , 2010 as a part of the Fun Event @ Toast in Rajouri. The date had already been postponed for a week and that added fuel to the fire.

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