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by Priyal.Chugh / March 2, 2011 3702 0

Vinove Sports League 2011: Inter House Sports Meet

Like the arrival of spring season which signifies the warmness of atmosphere has started and enlightened all the living beings in earth to bloom out with joyous spirit again. Similarly, Vinove has also arrived its realm to organize sports league which brings warmness and togetherness of employee’s spirits. As sports is a remarkable obsession of mankind since immemorial time, sports event is no doubt, not only a great entertainment source for the entire community but solely brings a much needed break from the daily busy schedules. Its an event of joy to show the colors, zeal and how supportive each and everyone is towards such a lively organization.

Last year, Vinove organized a sports event which was a phenomenal success, extremely promising and was encouraging for all of our employees who actively participated in the “Vinove Sports League 2010”.