Vinove is a great place to work. We believe in a self-driven learning culture where we encourage employees to take ownership of their work and decisions. We also provide the best possible conditions for anyone to grow professionally both within Vinove and outside it. Our goal is that all our employees feel like they are part of the team and contribute to our success by working smarter.

Top Benefits While Working With Vinove

  • Health and Wellness

Vinove is committed to the well-being of our employees. We provide a supportive work environment that encourages people to seek medical attention and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The company invests in wellness programs, health care benefits and access to doctors, physical therapists, as well as personal trainers.


  • Collaborative Learning Approach

We encourage an environment where people can learn from each other. We promote both formal and informal learning. Formal learning includes workshops, training programs and reading materials to help sharpen skills and develop new knowledge. Informal learning happens through discussion and social interactions among employees.


  • Work-Life Balance

We promote a culture where employees can manage their work and personal lives. We understand that you have obligations outside of the office that need your time and attention, such as family or other interests. Keeping in mind the same, We have included work from a home roaster in Vinove.


  • Leading Technology Tools

At Vinove, we believe that you will deliver your best work when you use the best technology and tools available. We invest in the latest technologies and services to support our employees’ needs and interests.


  • Fun And Engagements

We don’t want employees to only talk about work at Vinove. We encourage them to find opportunities to do something different and spend time together outside of the office. These activities could be anything from picnics, birthday bashes, camping trips and trivia nights to company-sponsored lunches or happy hours.


  • Rewards And Benefits

At Vinove, we believe in rewarding hard work. Our reward and benefits structure is designed to attract, motivate and retain talented employees. This includes competitive salary and benefits, such as medical and insurance plans, paid time off, maternity and paternity leaves and opportunities for professional development. We also offer a casual work atmosphere, flexible hours, paid vacation days and sick leaves.


  • Career Growth

We seek to enable employees to develop professionally in their current roles. We also offer long-term career paths within the company. We encourage and promote skill development and career growth. Our team members can seek out stretch goals and the support they need to meet them. At Vinove, we offer a supportive environment where employees can advance in their roles, resulting in more responsibility and higher earnings potential.


  • Modern Amenities

Vinove provides its employees with state-of-the-art amenities for work and relaxation. We strive to create an ideal environment by providing game rooms, cafes, gymnasiums, music rooms and a quiet workspace. All this to ensure that our employees feel motivated and engaged in their work at Vinove.


  • Culture of Flexibility

We believe in empowering employees to manage their schedules. Each team member has the autonomy to plan, prioritize and manage their own workloads with minimal oversight from managers.

Our culture is what makes Vinove a unique company to work for. As an employee, you will have a voice and a vote in how we operate. Whether it’s a decision about an upcoming project or the implementation of a new team policy, we welcome insights from our employees to ensure they are part of something special.


  • A Great Place To Work

We are proud of what we do at Vinove. We invite team members to be passionate about their work and take pride in the quality of our products. Our culture is based on fair play, common courtesy, ethical behavior, and open communication that is delivered with a touch of humor.

Vinove is always looking for talented people! We offer competitive salaries and benefits, flexible schedule options, and a supportive work environment. If you are interested in joining the team, please send your resume to [email protected].