“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are Vinovians, we create the dreams”

The day, the announcement for 6th annual day celebration was made, everybody was excited with a sole question in their minds; What new thing will they see this time. This time the hosts were Uttat Ke Puttar and they decided 25 sept as the date for the carnival in Pacific Asia at Netaji Subhash Place. The house-in-charge Uttar Ke Puttar was busy in making their best efforts to make this occasion memorable for everyone. There were many events decided by them among which the ragging-cum-group dance of “fuchhas” (freshers) which comes under “AA-MIL-GA-MATE” was kept as a surprise. Everyone was informed about the timings and dress code for both males and females and the most interesting dress code was set for our fuchhas; A black Pant with white shirt, which was same as the dress of the waiters of that venue where the event was going to take place and the only thing which gave some relief to our freshers was a red tie to make them look little different from the waiters.

Finally the day came for the celebration and Manish and Sanjeev Singh were already there to look for the arrangements made by the management of the venue. The celebration began with our best jolly hosts; Kiran, Prashant and Manish. First turn was of our FUCHHAS to give everyone an astonishing group dance which was based on some of the most morose bollywood track which was fun to watch. The event moved on with some of the charming tracks by our emerging singers of the nation (ofcourse working in Vinove) including; Sanjeev Singh, Bhawna Malik and Robbins, and no doubt they added flavor to the party. Another hilarious part was a skit performed by Amit, Robbins, Romesha, Shaily, Rajeev, Abid and Shantanu. Prashant did the mimicry of some of the evergreen bollywood actors. The “Sher-e-Azam” of Vinove; Vivek Awasthi presented some of the best situational “Shers” and made the event feel proud of its occurrence.

The events were put a full stop by sprinkling the Champaign and food and drinks were opened simultaneously. But no one was bothered about the food and they hit the DJ floor too hard which will be remembered by everyone who was present there. As everybody enjoyed the scrumptious food and drink, they also shared their personal moments along with each other’s family members. But as you know, “At every party there are two kinds of people — those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.” Some left early while others enjoyed until the end.

After all, it was the time to celebrate 6 years of success and nobody missed any chance to enjoy this memorable moment at their fullest. We Vinovians, as a family, are with each other in every happy as well as difficult time and this is what makes us believe in achieving whatever we think of.