A famous quote by Thomas J. Peters says- Celebrate what you want to see more of.

We, Vinovians are full of enthusiasm when it comes to celebration, be it any festival or Our 9thFoundation day. To share the expression of unity, we were asked to get dressed in the blend of Blue n white (color theme of Vinove) and we all were surprised to see that the office premises was decorated in the same theme with numerous balloons on all the floors.
Excitement was in the air for 10th September – Our 9th Foundation day, we were all set for the drawing competition. People tried to come up with the something ‘out of the box’, while team managers were engrossed in discussions to make their respective teams win the competition.
The competition saw the outburst of ideas across Vinove. It was a fight to engrave the Vision 2015. And to our surprise, all of them looked outstanding and highly innovative. Celebration was to take place post lunch, for which we all were full of excitement. Finally, we all gathered in the cafeteria for the cake cutting ceremony and HR team organized some activities to add cherry on the cake.

Mr Mohit Malik, Mr. Vivek Avasthi and Mr. Amit Narayan, Senior most employees of Vinove shared their journey from the day they joined Vinove; and the miles covered. Soon after, the Director of the Company, Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal shared his thoughts and presented his vision for Vinove in the coming years. With great pleasure and honor, he congratulated everyone for being a part of this success. After his brief, yet motivating speech, he addressed and acknowledged questions (from different teams). Further,  Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal announced and appreciated the efforts made by the winning team with rewards and a Pizza Treat later.

Life is a celebration of awakenings, of new beginnings, and wonderful surprises that enlighten our soul. And Vinovians celebrate all the accredations and achievements with glee. Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal shared the awards and Accreditations we got this year – Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2012 award and got listed as one of the finalists for RedHerring Top 100 Asia awards, which is given out to the top 100 promising IT companies from Asia. At the end, we all promised that we will do whatever it takes for us to deliver, and deliver right.

Vision without action is daydream, action without vision is nightmare and Our dreams are no more just dreams, now they have wings!