Vinovians are full of innovation & we prove it every time by participating into festivities with great pleasure and happiness. Christmas is the time for sharing, loving and enjoying with near and dear ones. And, Vinove as a family stood ahead with great enthusiasm to celebrate this festival with greetings & wishes for each other.
Basking in the mood of Christmas, Team HR event organizers of all times, took the initiative to get the entire premises decorated and lit it up 3-4 days before the event. Time and again, the reception area was festooned with a Christmas Tree bejeweled with lights, crystal balls, stars, Santa, balloons and many other decorations. Arrangements to celebrate the big day had started to take shape and we were all gearing up for the Christmas cheer.

The Celebration Day 24th Dec., 12 arrived with lots of surprises and magical things. We all were dressed in red and white combination to make our own style statement & with the same theme, all the floors were decorated with red and white balloons & stars. Further, toppings of paper-made Christmas Trees with slogans and wishes were glued at innumerable places. Team HR shared the moment of delight by organizing a “Potpourri Lunch” within the office premises. We were asked to bring scrumptious food for the lunch to share and enjoy the time together.
We all submitted our food containers in the Cafeteria and found a sparkling presentation of the food in the afternoon. Containers were decorated with name slips and were placed on the table kept in the midst of the cafeteria. We all enjoyed the taste of food and sweet magic of Christmas with melodious carols; especially the moments we spent together apart from our busy schedules, keeping aside all our meetings for an hour or so.

The party was not over yet.. As the Tradition goes, Santa arrived in the evening on the floors with some amazing surprises and gifts for all. We had fun and frolic with some songs, tongue-twisters and various other activities among the teams. Muffins and chocolates were distributed by Santa to all the Vinovians.
“We truly believe that gift of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas.”