Fill the Heart with the oil of love. Place in it the wick of single-pointed mind.Light it with the Knowledge of Truth and remove the darkness of ignorance around you. Just as one lamp can light many lamps; let each youth kindle this Light in many hearts.’

The festival of Diwali is one of the auspicious day when people enjoy to the fullest with great joy and pump and exchange different gifts to convey festive wishes, love, care and regards to their near and dear ones. Diwali brings lots of light and happiness with it and each one of us was enthralled for the celebration for this festival.

This time Eastern Tigers took the charge for holding Diwali celebration in Vinove. Not only the eastern tigers but other staff members were putting their best efforts to make this occasion memorable.  Different kind of activities were performed on that day. In the morning of 4th November, everyone was busy in their work and it looked like a normal day but as soon as the clock hit 2 O’ clock, the arrangement s for Diwali celebrations got started.

In the afternoon, House Eastern Tigers made an announcement to decorate the respective departments and the best decorated department will be awarded some special Diwali Gift. To make this occasion memorable eastern tigers decided to organize a small party and some fun events. On this occasion everybody decorated their respective cubicles, therefore, the office premises were also decorated by the staff members and some of the most creative people took initiative to make the Rangoli with different colors.

As everything was scheduled earlier, we used our Office Terrace for whole event. In the evening, everybody was asked to gather on office’s terrace and the event started at sharp 5 pm. To make this party more exciting and enjoyable for all, games like Hoopla, Strike the pyramid and balloon shooting were arranged. One more event named as Luck Check-o-Meter was also there and there was a special gift for the winners of these games. Most of the members of Vinove family participated, played games and enjoyed a lot. But Diwali without sweets? How can this be possible? so for this, food stalls were also available.

Moreover, there were many others who prepared a skit whose motive was to deliver a social message: “SAY NO TO CRACKERS” and the effort made by them were really appreciable. After skit, Tambola was played by many and some of them won also. But that was not all, there was still something left for more fun and that was Dhole Wales.

This is how Diwali was celebrated in Vinove but the most important thing was the CSR activity. As Vinove family is involved in CSR program and donates for noble causes round the year.  The company is actively working in the areas like education, health, skill development, fulfilling needs of poor, empowerment of weaker sections of the society, etc. To serve this purpose, this time, some of them visited Kriti (a school for mentally and physically challenged kids) and planned to donate things like special equipments and books meant for their special needs. After knowing their needs we bought things (like Educational Toys and Games, T Pulley Set, Elbow Crutches 1 Pair, Hard Collar) and donated to them. Everyone made contribution for this noble cause so as to make the most auspicious festive occasion really special for them.