It was the last day of ‘2008’ and we all were eagerly waiting for ‘2009’ as we were anxious – what New Year is bringing for us, GOD knows!

But the Vinove team, so optimistic as usual was totally geared up for the New Year. There was one more reason to celebrate- we all were going to ‘Fun town’- A beautiful resort near Bahadurgarh on Jan 1st, 2009.

And the great day arrived. We all gathered up in the office premises wishing each other, Happy New Year! All were so excited for the lovely excursion- Thanks to HR team for all arrangements done.

Our bus arrived and everybody was screaming with joy. Some new Vinovians – Amit, Vishal, Saurabh and Manish Rawat were on the top of the bus jubilating and giving different poses for the photos which were taken by our very own creative cameraman Naveen.


The bus started heading towards our destination. There was excitement in the air. This was going to be great. Everybody was enthusiastic to reach Fun Town. Swati, Tripti, Manju and Kanika started singing songs and soon we were playing ‘Antakshri’- A game in which a team has to sing a song at the alphabet on which the other team has finished. It was going great and soon we reached ‘Fun Town’.

As we came out of the bus, we uttered ‘WOW’ in joy! Situated in the suburbs of Haryana, the platinum resort was known for its aesthetic appeal.
Without wasting time we entered the resort and our session started with a brunch. The food was great and after that we all started exploring the resort. The DJ was playing awesome music, there were breath taking swings and a beautiful water park.


First of all everyone tried the great “Columbus”. As it started swinging fast to-and-fro in the air, everybody started screaming and were feeling the goose bumps. Out of all, Vijyata was having a tough time.


Mohit, Gulshan, Pankaj and Charanjeet were busy with table tennis. Khem Raj, Manish Chauhan, Naveen, Chandresh, were playing pool. Everybody was so into their games but soon all this came to an end when Neha and gang intervened in the game.

Abhijeet, Akash, Amit and Piyush accompanied by other members went to the water park. Without taking much time all were in their trunks enjoying mighty water rides. The boys were elated and living the moment to the fullest.

Soon the music became loud and everybody started heading towards the dance floor but to our surprise some of our members Vishal, Kanika, Vibha, Naveen, Umar, Tripti were already shaking their legs on the dance floor. Soon the DJ podium was filled by the Vinovians and everyone was dancing so elegantly.


Other members were playing football and cricket but they too joined the DJ.
After dancing to the music for hours, we all went to take the lunch and again the food was delicious!

We all finished our lunch and were again ready for the next session and this time we were playing “Tug of war”. One team was headed by Mohit Malik and the other was headed by Ashish Thapiyal. Both the teams were shouting and their entire strength was in pulling the rope towards their respective side. But the game came to an end and the winner was Mohit’s team.
Soon all were back to the dance floor and this time it was Khem Raj dancing to the music. We all gave our best dance steps. But soon were told to get on the bus by our HR head-Bhavna.

Not a single one of us was ready to go back. Everyone felt that the fun has just begun but evening was getting colder by the minute. Soon we were in the bus and started heading back home.
All in all it was a fabulous trip and its moments will be cherished for many days to come.
A trip down the memory lane will be worth having a laugh and ecstatic hysteria will remain forever.

Let us forget the sorrows of the past.
With determination and unflinching will,
Let us renew our lives, our good habits and our success to give ourselves
and all our near and dear ones a great year ahead.
Wishing you all divine happiness for the New Year.