New Year celebration does not always mean to celebrate it by partying in a discotheque and get drunk but there are better ways to celebrate this much-awaited occasion. To prove this, we planned to celebrate new year eve in a new way and decided to spend a complete day by being together, playing sports, enjoying water rides, having good food and a lot more.

Yes, the day finally arrived- it was 1st January, 2010. We reached office in the morning with a smile on our face and… excitement in our heart. We were getting ready to board the bus in excitement. Our bus started heading towards the destined spot- Wet n Wild Resort, situated in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Like the name suggests, the place was ultimate wet… as there were several waterslides to enjoy.


As soon as we boarded the bus, we started screaming in joy, wondering how to keep a hold on our throbbing heart beats. People scattered everywhere in the bus, in an attempt to occupy the seats next to their good friends.

Bus ride has always been a part of fun tale, then how could we missed the chance to sing and play Antakshari. Groups divided and we excited! Most enthusiastic among all were Prashant, Bhavna, Neha, Shweta and Manjeet who were enjoying the moment by not following the rules of the game. That was not all, then started the session of taking pictures.

Soon we reached the destination. We shouted in thrill and rushed towards restaurant where we were welcomed with tea, coffee, sandwiches and soft drinks. After having ourselves filled with energy, we geared up to enjoy sports and play other games like bowling alley, pool, carom, badminton, etc. Shweta and Neha soon rushed towards badminton ground to occupy the space, joined with Umar Qazi. A bunch of boys headed towards another ground to enjoy cricket and basket ball.

Not only this, there were some others like Manish Chauhan, Manish Rawat,  Naveen, Saurav, Sameer, Rahul and Prashant who went to pool area and played pool and bowling there. We had never seen someone attempted to score points by rolling balls along the surface so well other than Durgesh, Rajeev, Neha and Manjeet. On the other side, Chandresh and Qazi were silently playing carom.


We reiterated our childhood memories by enjoying rides in children park, where Ruhi and Bhavna caught riding see-saw and Saurav was found playing on a swing. The happening couples of the day, Mohit with his wife, Ashish and his wife and Sanjeev with his wife, were enjoying weather, sitting under a shady terrace with a fishpond view, gossiping and looking others enjoying here and there. To our surprise, Sanjeev with his little daughter did enjoy water ride too in such chilling weather.

We were now tired of playing games. Soon our hungry stomach stopped hearing anything else but the sound of food. So, without wasting time further we headed towards the restaurant to enjoy lip smacking dishes served with delicious cuisines like jalebies, ice creams and dahi bhalle at lunch, oh.. how can we forget them? After our tongue was savored with great tastes, we thought to relax. But the music coming out of discotheque didn’t let our feet to stop tapping on the beats. On this note, we can not forget our two great dancers, Umar and Rakesh who did not feel exhausted and danced to the last tune.

As we were enjoying the moment, a soft romantic song was intentionally played by the DJ to invite couples on the floor. It was great to watch them holding hands in hands and dancing on the slow music.

We did not want the DJ to stop music and come out of disco but we had to keep a check on time also As soon as we reached the hall to had our snacks with evening tea, we were surprised to know that one more activity was waiting ahead for us to take part in, yes that was Tambola. We were overwhelmed once again!


Tambola is always great since it gives us chance to play, enjoy and win few bucks. Unfortunately, each one of us could not be lucky, right! Vishnu was the luckiest among all, who won the game as Full House winner.

We wanted to capture all the fun we had that day by clicking a group picture of ours. And we did that. Now came the time when we had to board the bus to go back. We can never forget the day, it was joyous, momentous, and much more.


Thanks to our HR team and Fun team for making the day memorable!