When a reason for celebration comes, can Vinovians be kept away from rejoicing? And so the occasion, rather the excuse for celebration came wrapped up the in the form of afresh, anew and promising New Year, 2012.  The Party Organizers – Western Yodhas concentrated all their efforts in throwing the most memorable New Year bash for Vinove family and they were successful in meeting everyone’s anxiety.

New Year celebration was out rightly held in “Game Of Legends, Sports Bar” in Rajouri Garden, a place which offered different indoor games like Dart, Pool, Chess, Carom, Golf etc. along with beats of DJ and fun of Bar.  The party gained pace in the mid noon of 21st January, 12. Hookah, Beverages, Snacks & up-beat music was warming up ice breaker of the crowd.

To a watcher’s delight, everyone was engaged in their own pattern of enjoyment.  People played different games and danced till the very last ounce of energy left in their system. Another highlighted part of the celebration was mouth watering food along with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. The glittering clicks of camera, the intoxicating aroma of alcohol and Hookah, the laid back pool players and the “Energetic – Beyond – Words” bunch of dancers; have shown that Vinovians work hard and even party harder !!! We boogied, we ate, we got high (ah, well if not all, then the most of us did).  No one was willing to stray away from the fun and frolics to go back home.

It was the day of joy & celebration of achievements.  Above all, each Vinovian cherished the bond of belongingness developed in all these years of working together.  New year celebration was actually a winsome treat for all Vinovian with one goal of being a Family with undying perseverance to achieve unrivaled standards of performance excellence.