Vinove 10th Anniversary - Collage

10 years ago, the CEO of Vinove Software and Service, Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal had led a foundation of Vinove, with an aim to simplify the businesses of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Despite of coming across challenges in the beginning, the journey of Vinove has been remarkable, which brought various products/services including Invoicera, Visibilics, Merosys and PixelCrayons in the picture. Be it marketing, invoicing, online food ordering or website development, these flagship products and services are designed with extensive research, and have immensely benefited users in their respective business domains. And, the credit goes to the commitment of ‘Vinovians’ and their zeal to do more for the customer, which has helped Vinove set new benchmarks for itself as well as others. Headquartered in India, Vinove Software and Services creates world-class software that are used in more than 35 countries.

On 10th September, 2014, Vinove proudly celebrated its 10th anniversary. All the employees were invited in the head office for lunch, and also attended a series of meetings and knowledge sharing sessions.

“Zoom ahead 30 years from 2014,” Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal said, “The future can be dynamic, if it is planned well. The opportunities are expected to grow bigger in the upcoming future. Thus, in order to maintain the equilibrium of demand and supply, we have been constantly innovating more, and growing our teams everyday. So, let’s take the level of our products and services from excellent to the best through our collective efforts, and create a brighter world for tomorrow”.