Blogs… Forums… Networking…

Having followed these for a while quietly behind the curtains as a visitor, I wondered in my mind whether or not should I subscribe to any of these and try posting my comments.

Not days but months (or years?) passed by when finally the apple fell on my head too: rather than posting comments on others’ blogs/forum posts/profiles, I decided to give blogging bliss a whirl myself.

Chanting ‘Ram Ram’, I installed WordPress on the website and here I am writing my first entry down.

Now that the blog is installed, what shall I start writing about – do I try and share my knowledge or do I promote my company or do I fret or do I talk to myself or what – well, I am going to do it all!

So stay tuned.. there’s a lot more to come and I invite you all to be a part of this small MindScape that I intend to create where the talking is done by our thoughts!

Think about it…