“The more you praise and celebrate in your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” and thus all the Vinovians fervently gathered together to celebrate the 7th year completion of Vinove on 10th September’ 11 at Pacific Asia Banquet. Like the previous year, all our houses “Uttak Ke Puttar, Eastern Tigers, Southern Surmas & Western Yodhas” took the charge of hosting and managing the event & left everyone mesmerized with their thoughtful planning and execution of the event.

Guests were welcomed by Ms. Bhavna Gupta, HR Manager at Vinove and then she invited the Director of the Company, Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal to address the gathering and share his feelings on the success of 7th year completion of Vinove. With pride and joy in his eyes, Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal congratulated everyone for being a part of this success.  After his brief and energetic presentation about the past seven years of the company, he proclaimed that the seventh year had been the most successful and flourishing in the history of Vinove. His words resonated with the sentiments of everyone present as they gave him a rapturous applause. When Mr. Aggarwal left the stage, he promised one and all “an enchanting and memorable evening”.

The promise was well kept as the hosts; the talented Vinovians “Manjeet Singh and Satbir Singh” took over the proceedings and created ripples of laughter in the hall with their witty remarks and fantastic sense of humor. Various staff members displayed their talents in the form of singing, dancing, acting etc. and entertained the audience.

The Fresh Talent of Vinove also displayed their flair as they performed a highly motivating skit on stage. The courage with which they presented themselves in front of the audience was commendable. As the freshers entertained the audience, the seasoned employees weren’t left far behind. They delivered a skit addressing the social issue of corruption, urging one and all to fight against the demon of corruption. Huge sentiments built up when the team of Operation Managers performed a skit and lauded the Delivery Head “Mr. Mohit Malik” to be one of the finest Delivery Head they have ever seen.

The highly electric and energetic performance by the professional Bhangra Group marked the crescendo of the evening.  The enthusiasm and the energy levels of the audience couldn’t be contained later and everyone jumped on the dance floor like a storm & danced their hearts out. The ecstasy and euphoria exuded on the dance floor was unmatchable. It was as if everyone was waiting for a chance to express their sense of pride, achievement and joy.

However the celebrations shouldn’t make us complacent.  There has to be zeal to achieve great heights of success. Over the past seven years, Vinove has garnered immense global recognition and growth through constant learning and innovations. For a company, to deal with the changing environment & achieve the set goals; it is required to change and rejuvenate itself with the changing times and Vinove is all set to change now. As a first step towards this change, the current logo of Vinove which has been an integral part of Vinove right from its inception will retire and make way for a new logo chosen from various designs. The new logo aptly represents the modern contemporary bold and strong look yet maintaining the authenticity and simplicity.

The 7th year’s completion celebration of Vinove was a huge success fostering further ties and the sense of belongingness amongst the employees. They laughed, cried, enjoyed and danced together, attaining the new levels of camaraderie and harmony.  Vinovians will always fondly remember the celebration with a smile on their faces.