Finally, Microsoft is all set to wrap off its much anticipated search engine named Bing, (formerly coded as Kumo). Going to be fully operational from June 3, 2009, Bing is a replacement for Windows Live Search. Unveiled as a ‘Decision Engine’ by Microsoft CEO- Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009 at the ‘All Things D’ conference in San Diego, the search engine has been started as an attempt to smack down Google’s domination in the search arena.

Will Bing takeover Google’s dominance?  Is Bing a Google-killer?

We can’t say with a certainty that Bing will dethrone Google or not, but surely there are some unique features which enable Bing to withstand competition against Google and Yahoo.

Home Page: The most remarkable feature of Bing is its homepage which is loaded with nice wallpapers that seem to change on a daily basis. By hovering over the mouse on the image you can also find the story behind the wallpaper.

The Bing Home Page

Search: Bing throws the information at you in a much uncluttered, unconfused and neat manner. Bing includes navigation for search results, including a new left-hand navigation bar and a categorized search feature that groups all search results by topic category. What is liked most about the web results are the snippets of information that are seen beside every search result link.

Other Features: There are other expected features on home page such as Images, Videos, News, Maps along with Shopping and Travel. You can also check out the bits of information at the bottom of the homepage; there’s also a ‘Popular Now’ link that shows you the topics that are currently getting the buzz at Bing.

Well, it might take some time getting used to this new set of search results and finally coming to a judgment  ‘Is Bing better than Google and Yahoo?’ but Microsoft has had a good start with Bing by creating a good amount of buzz as well as receiving some early positive reviews for this nice search engine.