Google toolbar page rank update which was expected to happen by the end of April, finally seems to be eventuated. We were observing real time inconsistency in our toolbar page rank (Sometimes it went to 5 and sometimes to 0).

Finally the chase has been in our favour and google has assiged a page rank of 4 to Vinove’s website¬†( an accession of 2 points).

The April, 2007 page rank update has happened to be negative for many website owners as they have observed a dip in their page rank.

Real time changes have taken place with the new link algorithms coming into existence

1) Google disrespected all our links from pages like (links resources, links etc..etc)
2) Links below PR 2 were disregarded
3) Higher number or links coming in from ethical medium (Blogs, Articles etc. etc.) were considered.

For more information regarding the April 2007, Page Rank Update Click Here