I am a regular visitor to many forums/blogs/etc. and these have been one of the most information rich resource that I have found on the Internet.

However, now with the “discovery” of SEO and link building, I have noticed that these are fast becoming a scape goat for building links and marketing oneself. The following are common place:

– please review my website – http://abc.def.xyz

– so and so services – please visit our website for more information
– what are your thoughts about my blog.

– multiple url’s in the signature.

Even though, the forums have introduced commercial exchange boards but it is common to find such threads bleeding out the commercial threads. The most pushing factor is the anonymity offered!
What is required is a much more authentic and validated resource for information/discussions rather than being spammed by rather use-less information/stuff. The simplest way to achieve the same is creating an entry barrier in the form of a signup/monthly fee. Another way could be to use a single authentication/verification service to force and use the complete name with company details before they are able to post on the forums.
I, for one, would go ahead and pay for such a service/forum that at least warrants genuine posters and information… may be this is just me?