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Vinove isn’t just a company, it’s your one-stop shop for thriving in the digital age. We’re a powerhouse fueled by innovation, where four industry-leading brands – ValueCoders, PixelCrayons, Invoicera, and Workstatus – come together to empower businesses like yours.


Our Story

From humble beginnings to a global presence, Vinove's journey reflects a legacy of innovation, growth, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


The Beginning
  • Vinove was founded, marking the start of an exciting journey in the tech world.


Building the Team and Expertise
  • Grew to over 100 employees.
  • Launched Invoicera, our online invoicing software.


Embracing Mobile and Quality Excellence
  • Ventured into mobile technology, adapting to the changing digital landscape.
  • Acquired ISO certification, reinforcing our commitment to quality and excellence.


Expanding Horizons
  • Expanded our expertise to include .NET, broadening our technical capabilities.
  • Earned the Deloitte certification, recognizing our growth and potential.


Diving into Modern Technologies
  • Added new competencies in Angular, MEAN, MERN, and Blockchain, staying ahead in the tech curve.


Geographic Expansion
  • Opened a new office in Gurugram, marking our geographic expansion and closer client connections.


Noida Office
  • Established another office in Noida, further extending our reach and enhancing our client services.


Another Great Product Launched
  • Launched Workstatus, another SaaS-based product.

Beyond the Code – What Defines Vinove’s Journey

Our fundamental beliefs drive our commitment to the success of clients.


Our Vision

Simplifying digital transformation to empower businesses of all sizes, everywhere.


Our Mission

We drive business success through innovative digital solutions, enhancing efficiency, fostering growth, and providing a competitive edge for businesses of all sizes, everywhere.

Core Values

Unveiling the core values that shape our approach to digital transformation.

Passion and Purpose

We bring passion and purpose to every project, driving innovation and excellence. Our dedication to meaningful work fuels our success and keeps us at the forefront of technology.

Respect for Everyone

We create an inclusive environment where everyone is respected and valued. Embracing diversity and personal expression strengthens our team and aligns with our core values.

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Curiosity and Learning

We nurture a culture of curiosity and continuous learning. Encouraging exploration of new ideas and technologies keeps us ahead in a fast-changing industry.

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Teamwork for Success

Collaboration is key to our success. We work seamlessly across teams and with clients to deliver exceptional results, leveraging collective expertise to achieve shared goals.

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Embrace Change

We push boundaries and embrace change, always seeking new ways to grow and succeed. Our agility and adaptability keep us ahead in a dynamic market.

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Honesty and Integrity

Our foundation is trust. We commit to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all actions and decisions, ensuring integrity guides our path to success.

Our Leadership

Meet the diverse and experienced leaders shaping the future of our company.

Parvesh Aggarwal

Founder & CEO

A passionate entrepreneur with a love for technology, Parvesh brings a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise to the table. He excels at aligning business analysis, strategy, and targeted objectives with ROI-driven IT solutions.

Mohit Malik

VP - Operations

Mohit spearheads Vinove's engineering powerhouse, the driving force behind the company's core software development capabilities.


VP-Business Development

Sanjiv helps in building co-branded engineering teams. He seamlessly integrates these teams with the client's existing infrastructure and fosters a collaborative work environment.

Vivek Avasthi

VP - Digital Marketing

Vivek leads Vinove's digital marketing team, overseeing the company's entire online presence and driving strategic initiatives to strengthen their brand reputation.

Rahul Srivastava

VP - Human Resource

As the head of HR at Vinove, Rahul is responsible for shaping the company's talent pool and fostering a positive and engaging company culture.

Neha Raina

Head of Resourcing & Partnerships

A strategic leader and digital thought leader, Neha connects technology with client success at Vinove.

Akhil Mendiratta

AVP, Business Development

Leveraging his deep software industry expertise, Akhil spearheads business consulting, analysis, and project onboarding for Vinove.


Saundaraya Gupta

Technical Manager

Saundaraya's strong technical background empowers his to manage client communication, project execution, and timely delivery at Vinove.


Senior IT Executive

Pankaj leads the IT department, ensuring high-quality technical services and implementing automation tools for efficient task completion.

Meet the Minds Shaping the Future

Our people are our driving force transforming businesses with their digital expertise.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We are deeply committed to creating a sustainable future and embracing our social responsibilities. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

Our Esteemed Clients

5400+ Happy Clients in 38+ Countries. Startups, SMEs, ISVs, Digital Agencies, and Enterprises Love Us.